GAC in Brief

In line with the Kingdom’s economic policy that is based on the principle of competition; due to the considerable developments taking place in the economic field; and in order to strengthen the climate of competition in the business sector, Royal Decree No. M/75 was issued on 29/6/1440H approving the Competition Law. The General Authority for Competition is an independent authority in charge of supervising the implementation of the Competition Law that aims specifically to protect and encourage fair competition and combat monopolistic practices that affect lawful competition. The General Authority for Competition shall operate through the Competition Law and its Implementing Regulations to maintain the competitive environment in the business sector within a framework of justice and transparency in the local market, which, in turn, will enable firms to compete with freedom and fairness and provide consumers with the opportunity to reap the desired benefits of fair competition.

GAC Competencies

The Law aims to protect and encourage fair competition and combat monopolistic practices that violate lawful competition through GAC's implementation of its competencies set out in Article (9) of the Competition Law, which include the following:

  • Approve draft general plans and policies as well as laws of competition and submitting the same according to the related legal procedures, and pursue their implementation upon approval.
  • Determine GAC goals and policies to achieve its purposes, and approve relevant programs and supervise their implementation.
  • Monitor the market to ensure the application of the rules of fair competition.
  • Approve cases of merger, acquisition, or combining of two managements or more into one joint management resulting in a dominant position in the market.
  • Approve taking action of inquiry and collection of evidence as well as ordering investigation and prosecution to reveal any practices violating the rules of competition, whether such action is taken pursuant to a complaint, or at the initiative of GAC.
  • Approve the initiation of criminal action against violators of the provisions of the Law.
  • Decide on economic concentration applications that are submitted to GAC.
  • Disseminate the culture of competition, raise the awareness of society of the rights guaranteed under the Competition Law, and create an online interactive channel via the Internet between GAC and the community.
  • Designate the employees who are assigned the capacity of recording violations of the provisions of the Competition Law.
  • Form the Committee for Review and Adjudication of Competition Law Violations.
  • Determine the activities exempted from the application of the provisions of the Competition Law.
  • Issue the Implementing Regulations of the Competition Law and approve the administrative and financial regulations to applicable to GAC.
  • Approve the draft annual budget of GAC and forward the same to the competent agency.
  • Approve the annual report, balance sheet, and auditor’s report of GAC, in preparation for submitting the same to the competent agencies.
  • Enhance cooperation and coordination with the authorities concerned with competition within the Kingdom and in other countries so as to achieve GAC goals.