General Secretariat

Due to the steady growth achieved by Saudi economy within the last decades at the regional and global levels, and due to following market economy and free trade policies by KSA, which encourage competition, individual initiatives, and preservation of the competitive environment of business sector, in the frame of justice and transparency for the markets, which in turn may enable firms to compete freely, and may enable consumers to gain the benefits desired from competition;

Based on Article (10) of the Competition Law which was issued by the Royal Decree No. (M/25) dated 4/5/1425H, and Articles (55, 56) of Executive Regulations, the Council shall have General Secretariat chaired by a Secretary General, at the fifteenth degree. The General Secretariat shall include a number of economic, legal, Sharia, and technical experts as well as supporting employees. The Secretary-General shall supervise all affairs of the Secretariat General of the Council, in achievement of workflow and in order to achieve the Council’s goals, specified within the Competition Law. In addition to the competencies, which may be included within Competition Law and its Executive regulations, the General Secretariat shall implement the following tasks:

1- Preparation of draft plans, general policies and laws related to competition in light of the adopted strategy, and monitoring their execution after adopting.

2- Preparation of programs and policies, which shall be followed by Council to achieve its purposes, and monitoring their execution after approval of the Council.

3- Monitoring the market in the frame of the rules approved by Council to ensure application of the rules of fair competition, and conducting necessary researches and studies.

4- Take procedures of investigation, research, evidence collection, investigation and prosecution for detection of practices, which violates rules of competition. General Secretariat may seek assistance of relevant authorities in appropriate cases.

5- Preparation of the annual report of the Council and present such report to the Council for approval.

6- To work on disseminating culture of competition, holding seminars and conferences, conduct researches and studies and other cultural activities.

7- Enhancing cooperation and coordination with authorities concerned with competition within KSA, as well as other countries, in achievement of the purposes of the Council.

8- Establishment of a database about the economic activities, in addition to upgrading and developing it to serve the work of the Council within the fields related to competition.