Complaint about Violation of the Competition Law

Enable users of services to send reports reading firm commitment of violation of Law of Competition. Form of service shall include (name of reporter, information of Defendant firm/s, information regarding the complaint). The said information shall be received, studied, and analyzed. Existence of violation of Competition Law shall be confirmed before reference to the committee of hearing violations of the Competition Law.

The service enables users of service to provide complaints against more than one firm in one report, as well as choosing more than one committed violation in the same report. The form made the position of reporter easier through setting the most regular violations committed by firms in addition to the ability of giving user the option of adding new violation and explanation of the details of such violations. Moreover, the service allows user to attach documents, which indicate firm commitment of such violation.

The following figure explains progress of the report as from the moment of receiving such report until closing such report:

moving forward from the principal of continues communication with reporter, Authority shall communicate with reporter through text messages through mobile phones or through E-mails to advise any change occurs to the condition of his application.