(Its concentration is our concern) Service

(Its concentration is our concern) service is an electronic service, provided by Authority to the private sector and relevant entities to provide their documents related to economic concentration applications, which are received by Authority . The Private sector and relevant entities shall be allowed to provide their opinions, and proposals through the service, as well as the impact arising from completing the process of economic concentration on the market, along with providing the Authority with any documents supporting their opinions regarding the process of concentration studied by the Authority to ensure lack of impact of the process on the fair competition within such sector.
The Authority asks participants of such service to fill in all existing fields so that the Authority can make full use of the provided opinion and communicate with opinion provider in case Council needs more information.
It is important that the individual who is dealing with such service be confident that the opinions and proposals shall contribute one way or another in determining the resolution, which shall be taken by Authority regarding the process of the provided application for Economic Concentration.
The period allowed to provide opinions regarding economic concentration process is 15 days as from the date of publication in the newspapers.
The term (Economic Concentration) means: Every action that results in whole or partial transfer of the ownership or rights of usufruct for properties, rights, shares, stocks, or obligations of one “firm” to another “firm”, which results in enabling a firm or some firms to be “dominant” directly or indirectly to another firm or group of firms, by the way of merger, acquisition, ownership, or combining two or more managements into a common management, or any other means leading to economic concentration. economic concentration has many forms, the most notable of which are as follows:
1) Concentration between two or more firms in one activity along with remaining of such firms (Partial Concentration).
2) Concentration of two or more firms, and acquisition of one firm to the other firm/s (disappear of the remaining firms).
3) Concentration of two or more firms, appearance of new entity, and disappearance of all margining firms (whole concentration).