Study of exemption request

Mechanism for Reviewing an Exemption Application:

The procedures for submitting an exemption application can be summarized as follows:

1.  The firm requesting exemption submits its application using the form available on the website. Afterwards, the COC will perform an economic review of the application, including:
 • Data that the firm requesting exemption has submitted in the form it filled out upon applying;
 • Holding meetings with the applicant firm and related firms;
 • Notifying and consulting with the bodies that could be affected by the exemption; and
 • The market share of the applicant firm.
 This could require conducting public consultations after publishing the exemption application in newspapers.

2. After completing the economic review, and based on its outcomes, the General Secretariat submits a report to the COC, including one of the following two options:
 • Approval
 • Rejection

3. After the COC issues its resolution, the applicant firm shall be notified thereof, and in case the said firm is not notified, this shall be deemed as an implicit rejection of the exemption application.