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In line with the Kingdom’s economic policy that is based on the principle of competition; due to the considerable developments taking place in the economic field; and in order to strengthen the climate of competition in the business sector, Royal Decree No. M/75 was issued on 29/6/1440H approving the Competition Law.


Authority Rules

Competition Law

In harmony with the economic policy built on the principle of competition followed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the great developments in the economic field


Pursuant to Article (27) of the Competition Law promulgated by Royal Decree No. (M/75) dated 29/6/1440H, the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Competition issued its Resolution No. (337) dated 25/1/1441H approving the Implementing Regulations of the Competition Law, in the form attached herewith.

Authority Statute

The Council of Ministers resolution No. (55) dated 20/1/1439H was issued in regard to approve the change of the name of "Council of Competition" to become "General Authority for Competition," and to approve the Authority statute

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The Most Prominent Events in the History of the Authority

  • 1440
    The Royal decree No. (M/75) dated 29/6/1440H was issued to approve the competition law. This law aims at protecting and promoting fair competition and fighting monopolistic practices affecting the legitimate competition.
  • 1439
    Council of Ministers Resolution No. (55) dated 20/1/1439H was issued to approve the change of the name of the "Council of Competition" into the "General Authority for Competition," and approving its Statute
  • 1425
    The Council of Competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the governmental entity in charge of supervising the application of the Law of Competition and its Implementing Regulations, issued by Royal Decree No. (M/25) dated 04/05/1425H, including approval of the Law. The Law mainly aims to protect and encourage fair competition, combat monopolistic practices in violation of the Competition Law, and provide a climate of fairness and transparency within the local market in order to enable all firms and persons to compete freely and provide them with an opportunity to reap the desired benefits of fair competition. This Law is consistent with the economic, commercial, and investment openness currently experienced by KSA, as it ensures that all sectors of the Saudi Market have a fair environment for competition in commercial transactions.

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